Drag and Drop AWS Tutorials

Build vs Merge with Maven Gradle and Git
Relax and enjoy my interactive, drag-and-drop AWS tutorials. They'll help you master all the practitioner exam objectives.

Combine my collection of drag-and-drop tutorials for AWS with my free practice exams, AWS Flashcards and video tutorials, and you will be well on your way to passing the exam andy getting your AWS Practitioner Certification.

Identify Resources for Security Support DnD

This drag and drop exercise from the AWS Practitioner Study Guide will get you up to speed on section 2.4 of the exam. Learn all bout resources for security support.

AWS Exam Cloud Security and Compliance Concepts Drag and Drop

Learn how to define AWS security and compliance concepts, including the use of logs, CloudWatch, AWS Config and least privileged access.

AWS Practitioner Exam: Cloud Economics and Design Principles Drag and Drop

Learn sections 1.2 & 1.3 of the AWS practioner exam by completing this lesson on microservices, parallel computing and designing for failure.

AWS Practitioner Exam: Cloud Benefits Drag and Drop Challenge

Here's a quick way to master Section 1 of the AWS Practitioner Exam. Domain 1 is Cloud Concepts. Do you know the AWS value proposition?

Be Scrumtuous!

Check out my first few chapters!.

HTML for the AWS Exam

Here is a simple drag and drop code example to help you learn HTML for the AWS Certification exam.

Build an nginx Docker container and push to DockerHub

Here's a quick nginx and Docker tutorial to show you how to build a Docker image with a Dockerfile and push it to nginx.

JavaScript, HTML & JSON for the AWS Exam with Roshambo

Here's the Rock Paper Scissors game with HTML, JavaScript and JSON as the data exchange format. It's a fun drag-and-drop exercise!

Externalizing CSS, JavaScript and HTML Files Example

Here's how to externalize JavaScript and CSS from your HTML.

JavaScript & HTML Rock Paper Scissors Drag and Drop Code

Here's a scrambled up, JavaScript and HTML Rock Paper Scissors Game. This little Roshambo example will help you learn the code you need to know for the AWS exams.

Learn Docker Commands the Drag and Drop way!

Want to learn some key Docker commands? This Drag and Drop Docker container tutorial will help guide your way in a foggy sea of uncharted DevOps waters.

JavaScript and HTML for the AWS Exam

Learn HTML and JavaScript with this drag and drop example!.


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