Code Challenge Details

Here is your coding mission, if you choose to accept it.

  1. Drag from the left to the right to sort the scrambled code.
  2. When completed, copy the sorted code into a text editor.
  3. Then save your file as index.html on your desktop.
  4. Then double click on your index.html file and view your page in a web browser!
  5. You should lint your code when you get it to work.
  6. In production, you'd deploy it to a web server (a.k.a. file server)like Apache.
HTML for AWS Exam
Here's what the HTML and JavaScript Number Guesser example will look like when finished.

WARNING: The drag and drop function is not optimized for mobile devices.

  • Scrambled
  • <html>
  • <button onclick="playTheGame('2')"> 2 </button> &nbsp;
  • <h3 style="color:navy">Want to play a game?</h3>
  • <head>
  • <button onclick="playTheGame('5')"> 5 </button> &nbsp;
  • <p>Pick a number between <b>1</b> and <b>5</b>? <p/>
  • <body style="padding:50">
  • <button onclick="playTheGame('1')"> 1 </button> &nbsp;
  • <div id="results">Results will appear here.</div>
  • <button onclick="playTheGame('4')"> 4 </button> &nbsp;
  • <title>The Number Guesser Game</title>
  • </head>
  • <button onclick="playTheGame('3')"> 3 </button> &nbsp;
  • <h5 style="color:purple; font-weight:bold" >Be <a href="">Scrumtuous!</a></h5>

  • <script>
  • response = response + ". Guess Higher!"
  • playTheGame = function(guess) {
  • </body>
  • magicNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 5);
  • response = "You got it correct!"
  • var response = "Nope. It's not " + guess;
  • if (guess > magicNumber) {
  • var magicNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 5);
  • response = response + ". Guess Lower!";
  • if (guess == magicNumber) {
  • } // close guess lower if
  • if (guess < magicNumber) {
  • </html>
  • </script>
  • } // close guess higher if
  • response += " The number was " + magicNumber + ".";
  • } // end the if
  • document.getElementById('results').innerHTML = response;
  • } // end the method
  • Sorted
  • Start your html
  • Put something here
  • Webpage title
  • Put something here
  • Start the body
  • Level 3 Heading
  • Prompt for a number
  • First button
  • Put something here
  • Put something here
  • Put something here
  • Fifth button
  • Put something here
  • Be Scrumtuous!

  • script tag
  • Create a magic number
  • Define a method (aka function)
  • Create a default respose
  • Is the guess too high?
  • Put something here
  • Close if
  • Is the guess too low?
  • Put something here
  • Close if
  • You're a tomato!
  • Congratulate them!
  • Reveal the magic number
  • Generate a new magic number
  • Close if
  • Update the div named results
  • End the function/method
  • Close the script tag
  • Almost done!

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