Docker Commands Tutorial - Drag and Drop

Here's the Docker commands assignment.

If you want to pass the AWS Certification exams, you need to know a little bit about Docker and containers. You don't have to be an expert, but you do need to know your way around the command line, and understand the difference between a Docker image vs a container and stuff like that.

Here are your instructions:

  1. Drag the command on the left to the correct option on the right.
  2. When complete, copy all the commands on the right hand side into a text editor like Notepad++.
  3. Then run these commands, one by one, in the terminal window.
  4. Git Bash works. The Ubuntu Terminal window might be a better choice if you're on Linux.
  5. Some commands may require you to open a second Terminal window. Be on the lookout!

A Docker YouTube Downloader?

Have you ever wanted to download a YouTube video? Why not do it with Docker?

In the assignment below, there's a command that will download this YouTube video of mine. Just change the URL, and you can download any YouTube video you like! (Copyright laws to be respected, obviously.)

Also, my YouTube channel is just starting out. Please subscribe. And follow me, @Scrumtuous, on Twitter too!

WARNING: The dragging and dropping function doesn't work well on mobile.

  • Scrambled
  • docker run -v $PWD:/workdir:rw mikenye/youtube-dl
  • docker login -u {your-docker-id} -p {your-access-token}
  • cd /home/wasadmin/Works
  • docker run -it my_server:v1.0 /bin/bash
  • sudo -i
  • docker ps -a
  • docker run ubuntu echo 'Yo Docker!'
  • cd /root
  • docker start -container id-
  • docker | less
  • gedit Dockerfile
  • docker stop -container id-
  • ls
  • java -cp SimpleGreeting-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar com.simple.Greeting
  • docker ps
  • docker run --name dev --hostname dev -it dev-openjdk:v1.0 /bin/bash
  • docker commit -container id- my_server:v1.0
  • docker rm -container id-
  • docker build -t dev-openjdk:v1.0 .
  • docker images
  • docker exec -it -container id- /bin/bash
  • docker rmi my_server:v1.0
  • exit
  • docker ps --help
  • docker run -it --hostname basic_host ubuntu /bin/bash
  • MtN1YnoL46Q 7jjcAuEYW9M Ru4a-js4My4

  • cat /world/test.txt
  • docker volume rm hello
  • docker volume create hello
  • docker volume ls
  • ls /world
  • docker inspect hello
  • docker run -v hello:/world -it ubuntu /bin/bash
  • ls / -al
  • docker run -v hello:/world -it ubuntu /bin/bash
  • echo "hello world" >h; /world/test.txt
  • Sorted
  • Download my YouTube video
  • The DockerHub website
  • You're super!
  • Log into DockerHub with credentials
  • 3 id numbers
  • Move to the Works directory
  • Do a directory listing
  • Learn more about the Docker command
  • Get help on the container list command
  • List all your Docker images
  • Wake up an entire OS to say 'Hi'
  • List all active containers
  • List all containers
  • Delete a container
  • Run Ubuntu interactively in Docker
  • Exit an interactive container
  • Start an existing container
  • Connect to a running container's BASH shell
  • Stop a given container
  • Create your own Docker image
  • Run your own Docker image
  • Remove a Docker image
  • Open a Dockerfile in an editor
  • Build a custom image
  • Bash the inside of the container
  • Not Jain cuisine
  • Run a JAR inside a container

  • Create a (nRT/P)
  • Run a container with a volume attached
  • View a container's mount point
  • Create a file in a Docker volume
  • Create a new container and attach it to an existing volume
  • View the container's mount point
  • View the contents of a text file
  • List all volumes
  • Check a volume's mount point
  • Remove a Docker volume

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