Apache Web Server Installation on Windows

Installation of Apache on Windows

The installation of the Apache Web Server on Windows isn’t straight forward.

You don’t actually get the installation media from the Apache Foundation website. You have to get a pre-built Apache Web Server distribution from a third party like Bitnami (LAMP) or from Apache Friends.

In this example I actually download the web server from the Apache Lounge. I’d link to them from here, but I find every time I go there I get hit with lots of ads, so I’ll spare you the pain.

Install Apache Web Server
How to download and install the Apache Web Server on Windows 10.

Windows Apache Install Errors

After you extract the Apache Web Server for Windows zip file, make sure you copy the Apache24 folder right to the root of C. If you put it anywhere else, you’ll end up with Apache Web Server installation errors about a missing folders.

Good luck! The Apache install on Windows isn’t that hard. Once you’re done, run the httpd.exe file, put files into the htdocs folder and everything will be available to you at the localhost address on port 80.

Happy Apache!