Roshambo Code Challenge

Here's the Roshambo coding assignment.

If you want to pass the AWS Certification exams, you need to know a little bit of code. Not a lot, but you do need to know your way around web pages, Java files and modern data exchange formats like YAML and JSON.

  1. Drag from the left to the right to sort the scrambled Rock-Paper-Scissors code.
  2. When completed, copy the Roshambo HTML and JavaScript code into Notepad++.
  3. Save your HTML file as roshambo.html on your desktop.
  4. Open your roshambo.html file in Chrome and view your page in a web browser!
  5. You should lint your code when you get it to work.
JavaScript for AWS Exam
Here's what the HTML, JavaScript and 'styled' Roshambo example will look like when finished.

WARNING: The dragging and dropping function doesn't work well on mobile.

  • Scrambled
  • <!DOCTYPE html>
  • .feedback {color: red; margin: 50px;}
  • <head>
  • <meta charset="utf-8">
  • <html>
  • <style>
  • <a href="#" onclick="playRoshambo('rock')"> rock </a> &nbsp;
  • <a href="#" onclick="playRoshambo('scissors')"> scissors </a> &nbsp;
  • .highlighted {border: 2px red solid}
  • </head>
  • p { font-family: verdana; }
  • <title>Rock Paper Roshambo</title>
  • <body class="highlighted">
  • <p>Which one will it be?</p>
  • </style>
  • <a href="#" onclick="playRoshambo('paper')"> paper </a> &nbsp;
  • <div id="results" class="feedback"></div>
  • body { color:navy; margin: 25px;}

  • } // end rock if
  • <script>
  • } // end paper if
  • </html>
  • result = "tie"
  • } // end method
  • } // end scissors if
  • if (clientGesture=='paper') {
  • </body>
  • if (clientGesture=='scissors') {
  • document.getElementById('results').innerHTML = result;
  • result = "win"
  • </script>
  • if (clientGesture=='rock') {
  • playRoshambo = function(clientGesture) {
  • result = "lose"
  • Sorted
  • Declare the document type
  • Start your html
  • Put something here
  • Page encoding
  • Page title
  • Put something here
  • Make all body text navy blue
  • Change paragraph font family
  • Put something here
  • Highlight with a red border
  • Put something here
  • End head
  • Put something here
  • Prompt the user
  • rock link
  • Put something here
  • anchor tag
  • Display results

  • start the script
  • declare the method
  • client picks rock
  • it's a tie
  • end rock if
  • client picks paper
  • You're a potato!
  • Put something here
  • Put something here
  • Put something here
  • Put something here
  • Dynamically update the HTML
  • Put something here
  • Close the script tag
  • Almost done!

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